“The apparel doth oft proclaim the man”

as the great bard wrote in Hamlet. Today we are more likely to say “Clothes make the man”. Something that George Michael doesn’t always agree with.

Just a tired idiom? Or is there some truth in it?

Coming from England I have my own opinion of Czech fashion sense which I don’t need to elaborate on here. I myself have plenty to improve on. Over the 22 years I’ve lived in the Czech Republic I’ve, of course, followed developments.

As an HR Director in corporations I had to occasionally deal with complaints of foreign management about the local habits. I know well that this comes up elsewhere too.

A coach takes his clients as they are, without judgement

Nevertheless, as a professional life and executive coach I take my clients as they come, without judgement.

Sometimes a client’s outward appearance can be part of the solution, for instance when a client aims to improve his/her self-esteem or change the way their work colleagues perceive them. But I don’t judge their aesthetics even in this case.

Refitting my shirts with Sandra

With the permission of the client I might reveal my opinion, but it’s more likely that we will look for ways for the client to get feedback or advice from trusted sources, and what he/she is willing to do providing they think it will help them move towards their goal.

Mind you, as a free professional in a profession that involves meeting people every day I simply must come over as someone professional and in whom clients can place their trust. So, personally, I have to keep my outward appearance in mind.

That’s why I visited Sandra Klimešová at Delor International to have my bespoke shirts altered. I’ve had them in my wardrobe for a while now, but they are too big for me now that I’ve lost 20 kg (a blog topic in itself).

How much importance do you give to external appearance?

Let me know what you think!