Positive or Precise feedback?

What’s the difference?

That feeling when you get precise (positive) feedback! 

I started my new career in mid-2019 and I’m glad to say I’ve been picking up clients in a steady stream since then. Many of my first clients are coming to a natural point in their journeys where it’s time to take stock and think of the next steps. So I ask them for a written reference to help my development and further qualifications. 

The one below came from an interesting guy I met at a networking event. I accessed my Power Listening techniques and we quickly started building rapport within a few minutes. And as it turned out, our meeting came at the right time for him. 

Feedback is great, whether it be positive or negative, as long as it’s precise and given in a construct manner. 

This testimonial really helps me become aware of what I am able to do right which, let’s face it, is just as important as knowing what I’m doing wrong. If you know what you do right then you are better prepared to do it again right. 

The journey with this client has been immense and I’m looking forward to accompanying him on the next stage. 

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