On the cover of a magazine…

My story on the double page of the Czech industry magazine Moderní řízení (Modern Management)!

Once upon a time, as a chorister at the Queen’s Free Chapel of St. George in Windsor, I appeared in a television document.

A few years ago, as an HR Director, I was interviewed by a business daily on the topic of dress code at work.

But I have never before had the chance to tell my story – neither in Czech or English.

Many thanks to Kristýna Moučková for the opportunity and thanks also to Lukáš Oujeský  for the lovely photograph. 

You can read the interview (in Czech) in the August 2019 edition of Moderní řízení. Apart from revealing my private story, you will also discover my journey from HR Director in corporations to an Executive and Life Coach in Prague.

The entire interview (in Czech) available here in a PDF
The entire interview (in Czech) available here in a PDF

Download the PDF of the complete interview

Link to the online version (first part before the paywall): https://modernirizeni.ihned.cz/c1-66625860-z-korporatu-do-kresla-kouce

Let me know what you think!