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Rod’s coaching made an almost immediate impact in helping me break down mental barriers
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I was going through a moment in my career during which I didn’t know what to do. I came to the conclusion that I should seek out a professional to help me find the answers to my questions. I got a recommendation for Roderick and so I simply gave it a go. After the opening, trial session, I was immediately convinced that Roderick is someone who listens actively and ask the right questions. 

Roderick is my first ever coach so I can’t compare. Nevertheless, at all three sessions Roderick surprised me by asking me questions (and in various different ways) that got me to slow down and contemplate. Often that was all I needed to work out the answer to my own questions. 

Different things work for different people and so Roderick asks for feedback after each session and incorporates it into the next session. He uses a variety of techniques and I find that great. 

Coaching was really useful to me. It managed to shift me from one place towards my career milestones. I often think of our sessions and draw from the various techniques. 

I can recommend Roderick’s coaching to anybody who feels that they are stuck in a rut, they can’t cope with all the demands and they can’t see a way out. I’m sure that, after a few sessions with Roderick, they will realise that their situation isn’t as complex as it seems and a few incremental steps are enough to set everything in motion.”
Lukáš Krištof, Social Media Manager, Symbio Digital

I was facing an important milestone in my career and I needed some guidance so I decided to try coaching with Roderick. Rod is a top-level, experienced HR professional; I took comfort knowing that I was dealing with an expert at career change / advice. 

Rod listens very carefully and does not rush to judgement. He let me do the thinking, whereby the answers / solutions to my questions have come from me and Rod validated those answers. I found the sessions very useful, with exercises I could apply almost immediately. Rod also ‘kept me on my toes’, making sure I followed through with agreed action points.

Rod’s coaching, including creative visualization and other powerful techniques, made an almost immediate impact in helping me break down mental barriers and unlocking the positive attitude I needed in order to pursue my career goals. I can recommend Rod to anybody looking to develop their professional career.”
– Chris W., Financial Director

Roderick helped me to look at my “problem” from a greater distance and also to unpack it. He’s a guide that motivated me to find my own solutions.” – Lenka M., PR & Social Media Manager

Roderick is a true professional. He always comes to sittings well prepared, there wasn’t a second wasted. Roderick understands many different (psychology, management, interpersonal relationships, etc.) and he is brilliant at applying these observations to the situations at hand. At the same time, he is an excellent motivator. I recommend everybody to find the time and see what being coached can bring you. Roderick is an excellent choice.”
– Pavel Kadera, Redside Funds

I am more than happy to warmly recommend Roderick as a coach. I met Roderick at Komerční pojišťovna. When he joined the company the board of directors main concerns were not too much HR oriented nor managerial growth. He managed to open our eyes and to really convince us of the necessity to focus our attention on this via his smart approach and individual coaching. He had a strong impact on our organization thanks to this and then had the opportunity to spread it among international entities of Société Générale Insurance where he was very key for many of my former colleagues. Thank you Roderick for that. It’s not so often that managers have the opportunity to change their mindset and you succeeded to do that with most of the board members.”
– Stéphane Corbet, formerly CEO of Komerční pojišťovna, now entrepeneur

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