Conditions and Glossary

How to order:
  1. EITHER first try me out over the telephone on a short, 30-minute telephone/Skype call free-of-charge. You can reserve a time slot here. When you feel the magic then you can choose the pack that best suits you and reserve your first session here. Don’t forget to write in the comments which pack you are ordering.
  2. OR order a pack directly making use of the No Commitment Guarantee. You can reserve your first session directly here and write in the comments which pack you are ordering.
  3. If neither method suits you then send your request here or directly via email – all I need is your name, contact and your preferred pack and I’ll get in touch.

No Commitment guarantee: If you haven’t felt the magic after your first session and you don’t want to continue with your pack then the first session is free and I won’t invoice you for the pack.

Payment: After the first session, and your confirmation that you wish to continue, I will send you an invoice that I request you pay before the second session. Please make sure that your payment has been credited to my bank account at the latest on the day of your second session. My Bank details and a QR code for ease of payment are online and will be on the invoice you receive from me.

Gift Vouchers: All my packages are available as gift vouchers so that you can reward special people in your life. Just drop me a line if you want order one. Please note that the No commitment guarantee is not valid for gift vouchers. However, vouchers can be transferred to other people if necessary. Always quote the voucher issue number printed on the voucher. The package should be completed by the date printed on the voucher itself.

24-hour cancellation policy: we all lead busy lives, that’s why I accept free cancellations up to 24 hours before the time of the session. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand won’t be re-arranged and are considered used. You can cancel your session via email, text message, or by calling me, or directly on the 10to8 platform, where you can quickly re-arrange the session.

60 vs 90 minutes: more can be achieved in 90 minutes, but I understand that finding an hour and a half can sometimes be difficult. A 90-minute session is a high intensity “work-out”, but you can get “fit” in 60-minute sessions too.

Session location: Ideally we would meet in a quiet room without ambient noise and observers. A company meeting room is normally perfect or I can meet you at home.
In these modern times you can also rent an office or meeting room in a Co-working space or, for instance, here.
If you don’t have access to any of the above then a quiet café may suffice, but cafés have their limitations (music, wait service, public).
Sometimes it’s good to completely change the environment and meet outside in the park or go on a coaching walk.
Clients provide premises at their own expense (premises aren’t included in my prices), however, I am happy to help with organisation.
You can also meet me in my study at home in Zeleneč (free of charge). I can also offer, free of charge, a modest location in Letna (Prague 7).

Coaching online: Save time travelling to a different location and experience the power of coaching from the comfort of your own home or office or any other location with a good internet connection! Coaching works well online, as the recent pandemic has demonstrated, all you need is access to the internet, a microphone and a camera.

Geographic radius: I don’t charge travel expenses for sessions taking place anywhere in the city limits of Prague or within a 15 km radius of Zeleneč. I’ll also be happy to come and meet you further afield (outside Prague, in Europe or the world), but we will need to agree on travel expenses beforehand.

Gift vouchers for all packs are available – if there’s someone you know who would appreciate the opportunity to sort out their thoughts or life then a gift voucher is the perfect present.

Life is about fulfilment and I’m very grateful for my family foundations and good health which enables me to lead a fulfilling life. In order to give something back, I offer significant discounts to the long-term unemployed, single parents with children, disabled or other disadvantaged humans. Just call and we’ll work something out.

Zeleneč discount: inhabitants of Zeleneč and surrounding villages enjoy a 10% discount on all published prices providing the sessions take place in Zeleneč.