How to get out of a rut

A.K.A. “small steps lead to greatness”.

N.B the motivation behind this post is NOT to show-off a great testimonial from a satisfied client! 

The point I would like to make is contained in the following sentence: 

“After a few sessions with Roderick the client will realise that the situation isn’t as complex as it looked and a few small, incremental steps are enough to set everything in motion.”

Aka “small steps lead to greatness”. 

My coaching clients often run into this conundrum – they are striving so hard to find a big, all-encompassing solution that they get into a state of mind in which they are no longer able move their issue forward. They ponder it every waking moment, but they aren’t able to uncover the one magical, miraculous resolution that would make everything well again. Basically, they can’t see the wood for the trees. 

A certified coach knows how to release a client from this vicious circle. And he/she can lean on several techniques to achieve this. 

For instance, the coach could get the client into a calm frame of mind and help him visualise their life at a time after they have reached their goal. At that moment the client’s rational mind stops working at full speed and the client can enjoy the feeling that achieving his/her goal has brought him. Then the coach asks the question: “What were the milestones that helped you reach your goal?”

At this point, this peculiar frame of mind allows the most effective solutions to flow up from the depths of the client’s subconscious. They were there all the time, but the conscious mind was so occupied that they were buried. 

But I knew that all along!

These solutions tend to be simple and actionable. So much so that the client will often exclaim “But I knew that all along!”  

Normally the client then sails onwards to their goal on a wave of positive energy that motivates them to really apply these simple solutions. 

And that’s it! Small steps lead to greatness. 

How does this resonate with you? Have you experienced that feeling that you’re stuck in a rut? The complexity and size of your issue has paralysed you? 

How do you break the vicious circle? 

Be your Best You

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