How to get out of a rut

A.K.A. “small steps lead to greatness”. N.B the motivation behind this post is NOT to show-off a great testimonial from a satisfied client!  The point I would like to make is contained in the following sentence:  “After a few sessions with Roderick the client will realise that the situation isn’t as complex as it looked … Continue reading How to get out of a rut

“The apparel doth oft proclaim the man”

as the great bard wrote in Hamlet. Today we are more likely to say "Clothes make the man". Something that George Michael doesn't always agree with. Just a tired idiom? Or is there some truth in it? Coming from England I have my own opinion of Czech fashion sense which I don't need to elaborate … Continue reading “The apparel doth oft proclaim the man”

A new alliance

It’s my great pleasure to announce that I will be working with Assessment Systems in the coming months.  Assessment Systems offers a wide range of Human Capital Development and management solutions across the European continent. Don’t hesitate to contact them to see how they can help you.  I’m looking forward to helping Assessment Systems clients … Continue reading A new alliance